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Thread: What .243 for fox and muntjac?

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    What .243 for fox and muntjac?

    Hi im looking for a s/h outfit for fox munty and the odd roe. Will mainly be high seat or lamping. Im just not sure what to go for and need help to choose.
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    all depends on cash ....cant go wrong with a tikka..

    if you get the synthetic stock like a t3 lite it makes a good gun for lamping a bit more forgiving over wood if you catch it... plus there light for stalking ... i have the super varmint in 243 excellent rifle a tad too heavy but it does the job...

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    Depends how much you want to spend, old or new, how far do you want to shoot, My most expensive set up is 600 all in, when I shoot with my mates rifle we are looking with spotting scope etc 12000+. does he shoot more deer than me no, does he kill more foxes at 700 + mtrs yes it's up to you.

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    Can't really go wrong with a T3 in decent nick.

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    Do you have an idea of budget?

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    Looking around 800 for a set up. But may stretch

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    T3 light, can't go wrong or a CZ. You can adjust the trigger to suit as well.
    really you need to try a few to check for fit as well.
    have you got a scope and a mod or is that in the price supplied?
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    I have a scope and a mod on a 223. Luckily the mod is for a 243.

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    hi go for tikka or howa both good guns

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    If you are thinking of using the heavier bullet weights in the .243 - 100- 95gr - consider carefully the barrel twist rate - it can be difficult to stabilise the heavier bullets in a slow twist rate barrel , a quick search on here will bring up several threads on the subject .

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