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Thread: Recoil pad/plate for Browning.

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    Recoil pad/plate for Browning.

    Wanted... Recoil pad or plate to fit a Browning B25 A1 dating from 1972. Anything considered.

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    try Avalon guns, they stock quite a bit of stuff like that.

    cheers Mick

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    I spoke to Nick at Avalon Guns and he said the older B25's need a gunsmith to alter the newer type plates as they are a different profile.

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    Send me the dimensions on PM I'll look what I've got but the B25 where hand made so all hand finished they will vary gun to gun. If I've one larger than you need it's an easy job to fit it up.

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    Length 131mm
    Width 46mm
    Distance between hole centres 80mm.

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    OK... will keep looking.

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