I had an air rifle from the age of ten, the Army cadets back in the late 60's early 70's when I started small bore rifle onto all military weapons of the era i.e. lee Enfield 303, sten gun, bren gun and any other type of weapon we were allowed on the range.
I had my own .22 rifle from the age of 18 which I bought as a rusty relic and restored it, BSA martini action target rifle with ring sights, I used this when a member of Chard rifle club.
I now shoot on a regular basis a scoped .22 CZ for rabbits and a scoped
6.5 x 55 blazer which I purchased for taking and completing DSC 1 with BASC, but I have only shot fox, and I have to say one round one fox no misses, about 30 foxes over the last couple of years, I also have on my ticket but not bought yet .223 and 30-06 for pig shooting, and an OU 12 gauge and a 12gauge 10 shot semi auto for rooks and pigeons, that's the arsenal and now looking to get some stalking done.