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Thread: dogs and apples

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    dogs and apples

    The field crocodile loves apples!
    I'm talking 3 a day if she can get them.
    We try keeping up with them falling off the trees but she's even taken to picking them off some of the lower branches (they're laden this year).
    She tried pears but apparently they're not to her taste but she does like the plums.
    She's fine in herself so is it anything to worry about?
    The labs and the cocker as well as the gwp all get veg in their diet but only the gwp seems taken with apples (Cox pippin being her favourite)
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    Our dogs eat all friuts they can get, no grapes on low branches, apples or currents left if they can get them, and eat any berries they can find in the forest..

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    Apples should be OK, my GSPs will eat all sorts of fruit, be careful with grapes though, mine will certainly eat them given the chance but they are toxic for dogs.

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    My Brother's spaniel was seriously ill a few months back, no idea what was wrong with it.
    Wouldn't eat, wouldn't toilet and just generally lethargic.
    Eventually the vet discovered a peach stone lodged in it's shitter

    It's a table surfer of the highest order but bit off more than it could chew (or ****) on this occasion.

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    It's the cyanide in the seeds that are the problem. I seem to remenvber a story in the press some years back where a young girl saved the pips as she liked the taste and ate a load at once and poisoned herself.

    The apple peel flavor in hawthorn leaves is the same....trace cyanide. you live and learn. I still eat potatoes though!!

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    My pup loves them too. I think he's eaten more apples from our tree than we have this year.

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    If they eat large volumes and they ferment in the stomach it can lead to gastric dilation and volvulus. This is BAD NEWS!!

    The odd one would be fine but everything in moderation!!

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    Fruit and veg is as good for dogs as ourselves. My labs drool when I get an orange and my little bitch picks blackberries with me but hers do not go in the bowl. I read somewhere that grapes are very bad for dogs.

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    I just read that renal failure is the outcome, but does anyone actually know why are grapes so bad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    I just read that renal failure is the outcome, but does anyone actually know why are grapes so bad?
    NO, sorry. SOme unidentified renal toxin that affects some dogs more than others.

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