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Thread: Scotland's independence, the Union Jack & a republic in Aussie.

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    Scotland's independence, the Union Jack & a republic in Aussie.

    There already is the rumblings from the republicans down here to ditch the Queen as our head of state in favour of a "popular" president, inflamed by the independence plebiscite about to be held in Scotland. I'm sure we could still keep the Union Jack on our flag, however I fear the "brand" would be so badly damaged that we would soon see a push for a change to remove the "Jack" from our flag. A flag that Aussies have fought under since Federation. I can't speak on behalf of our cusbro's in Kiwi, but I'm sure they would have some concern about their flag & the state of the union too. Interesting times ahead for the old commonwealth & loyalties.


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    Roll on Betty the first of Scotland

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