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Thread: .223 rifle choice

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    .223 rifle choice

    I'm looking for a new foxing package in .223, I have about 1600.00 to spend on rifle and moderator. I would prefer a weapon with out the box performance and reliability so anyone got any suggestions at what I should consider?



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    Remington 700 VSSF or ...dare I say it.......a Blaser...shhh!!

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    I have a CZ527 in .223 Rem and really quite like it.



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    Tikka T3 with Aimtec Maxim. 1000. Leaves 600 for a decent scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyer4u0 View Post
    Tikka T3 with Aimtec Maxim. 1000. Leaves 600 for a decent scope.
    Thanks for suggestions so far! I have however got a brand new S&B 8x56 so money available for gun and mod!

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    X-Bolt, MAE T12 and used good glass.

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    This is a 2000k+ package going cheap, or you could just spend much much less and save yourself money, you never know you may not notice the difference!

    Tikka .223 T3 Varmint Sightron Package Bolt Action Second Hand for sale. Buy for 1,299.

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    Tikka T3 lite 1 in 12
    Hornady v-max 40g 1" high at 100 for fox...cloverleaf groups
    Federal power shock 55g spot on at 100... 1/2" groups

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Tikka Supervarmint or Tactical - and ASE CQB scope

    The rail and adjustable stock are perfect if you ever use night vision - and they are amazingly accurate out of the box.

    And the adjustable cheekpiece is excellent for getting the correct eye alignment if your using a scope with a 56 mm objective lens

    The 20 inch barrel is excellent for use in vehicles and is as stiff as a honeymooners cock ( why hinder yourself with a 26 inch scaffolding tube )

    The drop out box mag is great in the field

    Info here -

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    With that budget I'd be looking at a Sako, not a Tikka.

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