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Thread: .270 Powder Advice

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    .270 Powder Advice

    Still taking my first tentative steps in to the reloading world and getting a set up. Just wondered if I could get some advice on powder for my .270 , I've got Federal cases (may have to buy some more Winchester/Remington soon) with Hornady Interlock 130gr heads. Any advice on powder would be greatly received as I need to get an order in by the end of this week.

    Cheers all,


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    The obvious choices would be either H4831 or Reloader 22. I'm currently loading 60grns of 4831 behind a Sierra Gameking on the lands in my Howa which groups consistently in the .5s. Velocity is nice and steady around 2,950 fps.

    In my opinion I would award the runners up prize to Vit 160.

    Good luck,


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    You will find advice on powder for .270 in the reloading section,

    Yesterday I was out with some loads I had worked up for my .243,.270
    I use H4350 in both and find it works really well, I have some 130 grs Nosler partition and Serria pro hunters but still working on 150gr nosler partitions in Federal cases with Remington large rifle 9&half Primers
    But I have not tried any other powders, H4350 can give me very good groups you just need to find the sweat load for your rifle with the cases trimmed to the same length and the bullets seated the same to start with then after that plan with seating
    If you go to Hohgdon web site they give Min/Max lauds.

    Good luck


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    I'm also using 60 grains of H4831 under a 130gn Hornady Interlock SP as my 'go to' load in my .270 - that's near maximum load so start a couple of grains back but it is my most accurate and consitent load so far. However, the above load has proved a little hot at closer (-100 yard) ranges in the wood, so I've had some success with 42 grains of H4895 over the same bullet - runs out at 2,670fps and is less destructive, as well as more economical.

    Reloder 22 and N160 seem fairly interchangeable - both burn at near identical rates and work well in the .270.

    Lots of .270 reloaders are now moving to Reloder17 as it gives approximately 10% more velocity for 10% less volume, plus it's less barrel wearing due to a more forgiving burn rate. I'll post some results when I've had time to run some RL17 loads over the chronograph.


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    Hi Adam,
    I have only used H4350, so I will look forward to the RL17 results, I look with interest because the Alliant web site shows it is suitable for .243 & 30-06 as well which with H4350 one powder does the lt but H4350 is on its limit,The web site dont give max loads unless I missed something which is possible and only recipes.



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    The Alliant reloading data is very limited - I'm hoping the next iteration of QuickLoad will shed a bit more light! RL17 is certainly being hailed in the US as the best thing since sliced bread.

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    As per Adamants comments, I use H4895 42 Grains 2670 Ft Per Sec. You can load plenty of ammo out of the same tub, the consistancy of the rounds does not vary, and it is kind to the shoulder. Why on earth some people require loads that are so fast as they rip the **** out of the rifle is beyond me. The deer will be dead from either 2670 or 3000. Horses for courses though I suppose. I only do woodland stalking. Have fun playing.


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    The RL17 sounds like an interesting option if anyone has got any good experience?

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    not used RL17 in 270 but have dont some load & chrono work so far i am very impressed . on some of my .243 85gr loads i have gotten nearly 200fps more velocity with no pressure signes . ....neil

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