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Thread: Zeiss Victory 6-24-56

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    Zeiss Victory 6-24-56

    Need some advice, im after a Victory 6-24-56 , now has anyone got one with a Rapid Z recticle,if so what do you think of it.
    I want the scope for general shooting plus distance target work ,

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    I have one with a Rapid Z Varmint reticle.

    I use it for long range varminting on my 22-250, I have all the holdover points for the reticle mapped out and use this in preference to dialing in at long range as I find it much quicker to get on target but you can also dial in if you so desire.

    I like it a lot!!

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    Thanks for that AnthonyR, thats exactly what i want it for,

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    sightron all the way zeiss don't know how to manufacture a scope to dial in have you ever spotted a zeiss on a long rainge rig sightron nightforce are the way to go for exact repeatability and a lot of our nzealand hunters would not touch them-zeiss with a barge poll

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    Of course, then you have the problem that with Sightron and Nightforce you can't actually see the thing you want to shoot at in poor light.

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