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Thread: Quality Roe Buck Stalking from April 2010.

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    Quality Roe Buck Stalking from April 2010.

    I am taking a limited amount of bookings for accompanied Roe Buck Stalking for the forth coming season on my 2,700 lease in West Sussex.
    Outings are 60. Cull heads and young bucks. Novices welcome, free estate rifle available if needed and insurance required.

    Local accommodation available 5 minutes from the ground. Contact me for further details.

    PM Sikamalc (Admin)
    Last edited by admin; 26-04-2010 at 15:07. Reason: Taken off kill fee. Trophy bucks not available as yet ground under management scheme

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    Hi, I'm interested.

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    Hi Malc..

    If theres room for the three amigo's plus one id love to come over..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Malc, I'd be interested in booking a couple of stalks, possibly in late June? ATB, Moonraker

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    Hi Malc,

    Please put my name down I would be interested.
    I have got my DSC2 papers but want to get some more practice under an experienced eye before I go for it.


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    Thank you to everyone who has got back to me. April and May are now booked. Still some space left for July.

    Thank you


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    Hi Malc, have you any availability for the week begining Saturday 26 June? ATB, Moonraker.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic day out, really enjoyed the stalking and the company.

    And a special thankyou to Sandra for looking after us so well.

    I had two great stalks with Robin and I hope I get an opportunity to stalk with him again.

    I would also be interested in anotyher day later in the season if there is any availability.

    Many Thanks

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    How did you get on Bakerslad ?? Did you shoot any ??
    ATB Steve

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    Will post a full write up later.

    But in essence a great day stalking and very please with getting a buck.


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