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Thread: boots for narrow feet!

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    boots for narrow feet!

    Hi all

    Hoping for some advise on high-leg lace-up hunting boots suited to the worse weather the Uk can throw at them; in this case the Highlands of Scotland in mid winter!

    Problem is, I very narrow feet, so the likes of Chameaux etc are out of the question, they do not fit at all!

    At the moment I'm thinking Alt-burg Gamekeeper boots, but I'd be very interested to hear opinions about these, and alternatives if there are any?

    thanks all

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    The Spanish-made Chiruca boots are pretty narrow - I have narrow feet and have found the Chiruca 15" Dogo BOA and shorter 9" Bulldog BOA boots really comfortable, plus they've withstood everything I've thrown at them over the last 4 years, including Scottish hills, Irish bogs, Swedish forests, African bushveldt and Finnish snow...

    I'm a real fan of the BOA ski-boot lacing system but if it's not to your taste, they do traditional lace-up boots too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by adriandavidb View Post
    Problem is, I very narrow feet, so the likes of Chameaux etc are out of the question, they do not fit at all!

    Don't take this the wrong way, but try women's fittings.

    They are narrower than mens.

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    Try Alt-berg boots, they are very well made and come in different width fitting. Their website has good info on fitting available etc.

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    Altberg will make a pair in narrower fittings. I have some. They weren't a special last just a narrower fit than they keep in stock all the time so cost was the same as normal. They even made them to take an insert in summer that I can take out if I want thicker socks in winter. Highly recommended.

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    Thanks all, advice much appreciated!

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    I've had so many years of badly fitting boots due to being narrow footed. Women's boots don't generally go up to a size 10 which I'd need. This year I went to Altberg and was fitted for some boots there. So far, very comfy, though I've not been out on the hills yet. They have 5 width fittings so should be able to help you.

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    Get Russell Moccasin to custom make you a pair. Worth the money.

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    Thanks again everyone; Alt-burg it will be!

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    just for another option , my mate used to be a jockey and has narrow feet , he has just got a pair of diotto black islander and they fit him spot on !

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