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    In the private messages section there doesn't seem to be an Outbox any more - I thought I sent a PM yesterday but there is no sign of it in the Sent messages box. Has it disappeared or is it waiting in limbo for the recipient to pick it up?

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    There is an option in your General Settings to 'Save all sent messages in Sent folder', I noticed yesterday that this was set to No by default for just about everyone so I ran a script to switch it on in everyone's settings by default as I thought this would be what most people would want! The chances are you probably sent your PM before I made the change, which is why it's not in your Sent folder. It would have been delivered ok.

    All future messages will be saved to Sent now (unless users turn it off in their options)

    You can also track future messages by clicking Go Advanced (if you are in Quick Reply) and ticking 'Request a read receipt for this message'.


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    Thanks Alex - that makes sense to me now!

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