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Thread: Archer Grade A NV

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    Archer Grade A NV

    I have for sale my Archer Grade A nv add-on. It got retubed from starlight last year and since then it has only had around 5 hours use. I am only selling as i am not able to get out night shooting at all anymore.

    The tube is 100 % spotless with bright clear quality. Can easy foxes well out to 400-500 yards no problem.

    Link to a short video demonstrating the clarity.

    ArcherGen3_zpse776cf3c.mp4 Video by bigcraig22 | Photobucket

    Im looking for 1850 including RMSD


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    Hi Craig,
    Do you have any pictures.
    Regards Keith

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    hi KSCR

    A few pics as requested.

    If theres any other pics you want let me know.


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    Does it come with firefly ir?

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    No there is no firefly with this, just the archer on its own.


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    I never use the laser on mine. Always use the nightmaster. Cleaner image with my scopes.
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