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Thread: Ferreting in Monmouthshire/Hereford

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    Ferreting in Monmouthshire/Hereford

    I know this has probably gone in the wrong section so mods feel free to move. Just wondering if any of you guys have got any good ferreting available in the Monmouth/ Hereford area available for this coming winter. Ferrets and nets only no guns and no lurchers. Feel free to pm me.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Rob, how'd that deer taste after.

    plenty of rabbits with me when the cover dies back. Barry

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    Barry mate it was bloody stunning!! - All gone now. Let me know what available weekend dates you've got coming up for me to book another stalk with you.

    Cheers mate

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    I can't offer any specific advice but this takes me back to when I was a kid in Monmouth. Me and my mate used to cycle out to any number of farms with a ferret, nets and a folding .410 and as my mate's Dad was a local hairdresser he provided a never ending stream of farmers with a rabbit or pigeon problem for us to sort out. Memories of frosty mornings out in the backwoods of Penallt, Dingestow or Maypole have just come flooding back.

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