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Thread: How do you pronounce Sako?

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    How do you pronounce Sako?


    (Something else?)

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    everyone I have heard says say - co

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    A Finn would probably sound like Sakk'oh, Sayco is the norm in Anglo.
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    Sah-co seems to get common as you go North (long 'a' sound, like a posh person saying bath).

    I have come across people who put the stress on the second syllable - so it sounds like ser-CO.

    Personally, it should really be pronounced 'berretta'...

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    It's what you say after it that counts I pronounce it - say-co L61R

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    The correct pronunciation is SACKO. I got that directly from a Finn, and he said SOCKO. I believe it's taken from the full address of the company and that sako is the Finnish for FINE. I always say sacko and get corrected all the time, but I'm sticking to it.

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    Bit like Ticker and Teeka.

    The variations on Swarovski make me laugh sometimes. I've always though it reads just as it sounds! .... sounds just as it reads!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    It's what you say after it that counts I pronounce it - say-co L61R
    +1 They have yet to improve on that..

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    Weihrauch normally has some very funny pronouciations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeld View Post
    Weihrauch normally has some very funny pronouciations
    Indeed. Although one of the best ones I have heard was a couple of black country lads discussing the Webley Paradigm a couple of years ago. Or as they called it the 'para dig um'.

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