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    Just wondering if anyone knows how quickly they're processing variations in dyfed powys....?

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    My last one was under Two weeks. I have had two done while I waited (booked in first mind)
    I do know that they are expected to be very busy from october to march due to a lot of renewals coming up.
    Get it in quick like

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    My mate had a 22 hornet added to his in less than a week. That was a couple of months ago, the feo didn't even come out to see him. I had 260 rem added to mine about the same time - took 2 weeks.
    Like Al says "Get it in quick like"
    - Twts

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    i've got It in quick I might get it back quick like.. if you know what I mean like..

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    they must like us twts, it took 4 days to be exact

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    Hey Twts Hows the 260 going?

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    Hi Al, Sako 85 in 260 was special order, 6 months delivery so due next month, hope it's worth it.
    - Twts

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    It will be love the 260 what a great caliber

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    I was wondering when it was going to arrive. Let me know when you are ready and we'll go and flatten some Fallow!!


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    Twts Im sure it will be worth the wait.

    Ade have you any deals on at the momnet?

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