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    I am having problems signing in to the German site EGun after contacting them they want me to send a scanned copy of my passport or ID card, has anyone else had this request it seems a bit over the top to me.

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    What? Is it because you've forgotten your code and they want to verify who you are? Or are you a new member?

    I've never had any bother with the site myself. The only issue I've had is that the translate option doesn't work properly, so I have to log in in German, search in German, and first then look at the results in English.

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    That part of it is now sorted I sent them my EU Firearms details. I had a nice email back saying all was OK and I could now log in. The problem is I still cant log in the page just sits there not even an error message. I will get back to them. I am a new member to the site

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    I use it very often and have never had a problem yet.
    German gun dealers hate the site because it is killing the chance for them to make a reasonable living.

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    Now sorted it works ok if I sign in before translating the log in page. Bought a mount to test things out last night transaction went through no problem

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