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Thread: Varget

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    Looking for Varget willing to pay 100 per tub

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    I have just auctioned off a tub for charity. It went for 150.
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    This looks set to be an interesting and telling thread!

    What I cannot get my head around is this is a powder in no less serious short supply in the US where the demand for such is on a scale to surely focus any manufacturer's production strategy unlike that craved by this wee Isle that is piddly by comparison, yet c2 years on and zero improvement in availability with attendant zillion dollars of profit not realised by Hodgdon??

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    you and the rest of the uk shooters! try vit 140 sim burn rate

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkeytwist View Post
    Looking for Varget willing to pay 100 per tub
    mental why don't you just change to another powder or was your rifle just made to shoot with varget , save your money and start again .

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    Have just got 2 tubs for a friend at mates rates, judging the recent price hike would there be a market for once fired varget
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    Ive a half tube of unwanted varget

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    why pay the crazy prices for powders from the USA when you have a decent priced european powders at hand and at half the price. the vit powders are very good so im sure you will find one for what ever calibre you shoot and the next time you want to buy some you will still find its available not like powders from the USA .

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    Just looked at my Varget and I was paying 46.00 a tub, thank god I bought enough to last for awhile

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    I have just auctioned off a tub for charity. It went for 150.
    What !!!! I have 3 full tubs sat on the shelf that I use for two calibres at that price they can be well gone and i'll start again madness !

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