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    Don't you just love terminolagys. Last week I heard how to BBC reported they called in marksmen to cull badger. Then today on BBC radio Lancashire, they noticed that a tesco down south had required a sniper to dispatch a wagtail. Apparently they tried many tequniqes to get the bird out from its store but due to it poo-ing around food hygeie etc... They need it dispatching.

    What would they class us deer stalkers, don't you just love the press.......not!!!!
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    Who is this Mark anyway!? Notorious whoever he is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Who is this Mark anyway!? Notorious whoever he is!
    Always one, corrected.

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    I thought it was quite a good joke for me! Hope you laughed ! ..... as for that Chris Packham!! He is also a joke.

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    the Metro carried the story today bout tesco,s rabid pooing wagtail and how naughty natural england should have got morris dancers to get the bird out not a SAS trained sniper <airgun pest controller >.how dare they kill 1 of gods critters.i guess deer stalkers are in the same league as I S fighters in the eyes of the league against cruel sports.why let a good headline get in the way of the truth .

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    A lot of God's critters on their shelves, they seem to forget the way they mysteriously get there too!
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    Its not Mark who does the shooting is it, its his man, so I reckon the butler did it.

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    Is 30-06 to big for wagtail.

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