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Thread: Welcome home.

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    Welcome home.

    Was out last night on an estate three miles from Stirling after some very elusive foxes that i have seen briefly and for god knows why i never seen a single eye.
    Was ready to come home and while driving over a large barley stubble field that had already been checked we couldn't believe or eyes... two Red stags lying down not 30 yards from the vehicle. One a royal the other a ten-pointer in awesome condition. There have not been Reds seen on here for 30 years and certainly not specimens like these two. We probable seen forty Roe but these fellas take some beating!
    Could they be the reason for the blank fox outing?

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    but seriously. Would foxes avoid the area with reds in?
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    Certainly not the reason for seeing nothing, how far from Flanders Moss there are reds there, also on the hill at Doune lodge, Argaty etc, odd ones used to turn up at Blair Drummond, Keir etc so I am not that surprised .

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    I've seen them lying in the parks just off the Stirling rd at arnprior

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    they are heading south
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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    they are heading south
    Have they some information on the ballot?
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    no foxes here either just an eerie silence

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    Plenty of quality resident reds at Blair Drummond so not too suprised (assuming you are 3 miles West of Stirling). Great they are more of a regular thing.

    Slightly different but only an hour ago i saw a fox sitting looking at 3 roe, only 2m meters away from the closest. I wonder what it was thinking..... Big Dinner???

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