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Thread: micro pig cull!

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    micro pig cull!

    I wonder who they got to do this:

    100 Swansea 'micro pigs' culled for public safety - BBC News

    Mmm... micro hog roast!

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    Darn. and I am paying to go to Croatia. Swansea 1 hour away

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    Nice job for a 22 Hornet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Who did the cull?
    Thats what we all want to know

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    id be happy wi a carcass or two for hog roast!


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    Better culling anyone who wants one, has one or has released one! IMHO!

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    i would not be to happy about a cull if i had any ground near by it could be the end of somones cheap pork supply

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