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Thread: When shot what percentage of Roe deer run??

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    When shot what percentage of Roe deer run??

    Dear All,

    Following the lenghty discussions on the Roe/.22 C/F debate it has become quite apparent that different stalkers have considerably dirfferent experiences in relation to the reaction of Roe deer to being shot.

    As a novice stalker it would be helpfull to have some idea to what sort of % of Roe do not drop dead on the spot so to speak.

    For the purposes of this thread can we take it that a shot Roe which is located 15 m or more from the place it was shot has considered to have run.

    If replies could give some idea of the numbers of roe they shoot and with what calibre rifle/bullet they used it might provide some useful insight into this topic.

    To date I have yet to experience the Roe run scenario and have only seen it on video.

    I look forward to the collective experience and wisdom of the forum.



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    How long is a piece of string ?
    Depends on who is measuring and if they have their glasses on or not ???

    Taking into account that several deer with the same internal dammage can do different things when shot !
    The answer would have to be a guesstimate at best ?
    Here we go .(very very rough estimate looking back over the years )

    Dropped within 15 m................25%
    within 15 to 100m.......70%
    over 100m.............. 5%
    The majority of these would have been low ground Beasts with plenty of cover at hand . The ones that do run any distance usualy lie down just inside the cover .
    So many variables to contend with ????
    All mine were taken with a .243 75 grain ballistic tips,more than ten years ago it would have been 100 grain (whatever the estate could get cheapest ! lol)
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    Out of 54 roe shot, 14 ran more than 15m, so roughly 25%.

    Of the 14, the ones that were lung shot ran between 20m and 50m, whilst those shot in the heart or heart/lung ran between 15m and 30m


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    The .308 using 123gr Sako seem to drop them within 30yards without fail. I've only had one run past this which l found a day later roughly 200yards away that was shot through the lungs -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    The .308 using 123gr Sako seem to drop them within 30yards without fail. I've only had one run past this which l found a day later roughly 200yards away that was shot through the lungs -
    Same here - Tikka M55 .308 firing Sako 123 gr Gamehead seems to do a consistently good job on Roe and Fallow. Range 50 - 120m, thin mixed woodland and arable.

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    I have clients daily with calibres from .243 only allow 100gr sp's to 3006 up to 180 sp's
    do not allow plastic points or many neck shots. Range is capped at about 140m's usually shot below 80.
    So for standard bullets at standard ranges with stadard calibres on roe I would say 25% drop to shot; 50% drop within 35m's; 20% goto 50m's; and 5% further.
    The biggest thing is if the deer are totally unaware and grazing if the shot is good the will drop to shot.

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    I cannot remember the last chest shot deer that did not run! The majority are in the 5m to 15m bracket though, I would say 20% drop on the spot, 60% run 5 to 15m and 20% further than that, furthest so far was about 70m. I am colour blind so following a blood trail is close on impossible for me, luckliy the dog seems to have no such problems.

    These are with a .243 and recently 100 gr soft points, previous to that 95 gr Accutips.
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    i dont shoot masses of deer but the roe i do shoot all tend to literally drop on the spot and very few even run a few yards all taken with a .308

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    [QUOTE=Tommo;80262]The .308 using 123gr Sako seem to drop them within 30yards without fail.

    + 1
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I shoot a lot of mine through the neck as my calibre and bullet choice can be a bit fierce with regards to meat damage. Engine room ones rarely move either and I don't think I can remember one going more than 15m. If they do run it is rarely more than 10m. I use a 25.06 with a 100 grain Nostler ballistic tip.

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