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Thread: What are the thoughts on Vectan?

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    What are the thoughts on Vectan?

    Just been told by my friendly RFD that he will be able to stock a full range of Vectan powder by the end of the month.

    Apparently it has been reclassified in some way that makes it easier to ship in for him and he expects to have a reliable supply from now on.

    How does it compare to the usual suspects ?

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    Vectan - very good indeed. Its been mentioned many times in the past on this website by the more progressive shooters. Plus in the past it came at a very good price when compared to other powders.
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    I have used a fair amount.

    It is/was supplied by a "character" who bought it in bulk then decanted it into unmarked transparent polythene bottles.

    It was always exciting trying a new bottle, hoping that it was actually what had been ordered.

    The price was right, and the purchasing experience was different (I think I got his supposedly scarey dog into trouble when he returned late and found me playing with it.)

    NobelSport publish some data which is a start. It is online somewhere, search for Nobelsport.

    There was a reloading manual written by Rene Malfatti which is now a collectors item. I scanned a copy but soon realised that the numbers didn't make much sense.

    I am delighted to hear that it is being distributed professionally.

    But you will struggle to get detailed reloading info outwith the official brochure.

    I used to use SP7 for everything, .223 30-30, 303, 308 but now I keep my (1.5 kilos) purely for 30-30 where the exceptional load density means it can do things which are not otherwise possible. It is however very very dirty, and the nitroglycerine content is a worry for barrel life.

    I also keep A0 for cast bullet loads. It is a flake shotgun powder and cannot be thrown, has to be weighed, but works very well, and was inexpensive.

    The attraction was the price. If that is now comparable with other suppliers, I'm not sure it would be worth the effort.

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    Interesting. I found pretty detailed load data on a German website earlier.

    Looks like SP10 should work in the 260 and the 30/06.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    i have used a fair amount in my time sp7 and also the tubal range good powder at the right price you will find all the data you want on the net . i did buy the vectan reloading manual by rene malfatti the best written reloading manual i have. and the plus side it a lot cheaper than the 100 tub of varget >

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    The price used to be good.

    But now we have Swiss powders being imported.

    I am standardising on TR14 and Elcho 17, not necessarily because they are the best for every application, but they are available and professionally supplied, with hopefully more options to come.

    50/kilo 22/lb is my kind of price. I paid that for dodgy SP7 in a milk bottle 7 years ago.

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    You do know that ReloadSwiss (Swiss Nitrochemie who make TR140 & Elcho17) recently announced there's going to be quite a large price increase for their powders?, according to the importer (Nigel Cole Hawkins) it will be around 8 to 10/Kg. At that sort of price they'll be more expensive than I can get Viht N140 for!.

    Meanwhile, I have been buying Lovex at 30/Kg The chap brought 200Kg over and is planning to bring more when he finds out which ones sell the best.

    For Vectan I got 3Kg of GM3 (from Peter Lawman) which I use in my .44mag and 12g slug loads, was around 28/Kg if I remember correctly.
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    Where can a person get loved powders. From ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    Where can a person get loved powders. From ?
    That would be Westlander, and he is a very nice chap. I hope he thrives.

    Westlander Ltd

    Regarding Commonside having to put up prices beyond Vit, thats a great shame. I hope his business model can survive. Who is behind ReloadSwiss here ? or have the usual suspects muscled in ?

    I don't think Lawman did Dynamit Nobel many favours with his amateur approach to distributing their Vectan powders, but at the time it carried a frisson, thinking you were getting a bargain.

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    just downloaded the 2013 reloading data

    nowt for .25-06 bugger


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