Hello Forum,

I have an issue that I am requiring help from the forum on.

I have been out of the UK for an extended period of time while working (username gives away the industry) and during this timeframe, my rifles were held in long term storage at a RFD.

I recently took my rifles back out from long term storage on my last visit home but had to come back to work for an emergency, anyway, with my extended time out of country, I obviously had to relinquish permissions for land that I previously had access to.

Now that I am back (scheduled to come back 2-3 weeks from today), I am looking for an area with the Lothians/surrounding area that will allow me access to zero my rifles or even help me as I have been away for a while!
I am not looking for permissions, I am only looking for help from the forum to see if someone is able to give me lawful access to a suitable bit of land/space to allow a morning/afternoon zero session only.

I am looking for a zero range of 100-150 yards. Rifle calibres are:


All rifles moderated.

I am willing to rent/pay for this zeroing ground access for a morning/afternoon, I have full insurance (BASC and SACS), current DSC level 1 holder and as above, a genuine request for zeroing only.

I am planned to come back UK in the next 2-3 weeks and in process of arranging planned, paid stalks, however, being a reponsible hunter I need to have the zero all lined out before these events.

I hope someone from the forum is able to assist.

Please get in contact if this is something that someone can aid in.

Thanks forum.