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Thread: Foxing nv?

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    Foxing nv?

    Hi i have a .223 howa i may kit with nv. Just after opinions of what to put on it!

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    i got a photon /nm800 ir setup going ?

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    What price? What distance can u see through clear?

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    Have done the foxing rig(.222) thing over the last two years,started with digital - photon then pulsar N750,ended up with Gen3 ,which is where I should of started,nothing wrong with the others for the money,but remember you will be looking/scanning for for foxes a lot and its easier on the eyes using gen stuff.

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    Just mounted a Drone Pro on my 243.

    Impressive piece of kit.
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    Do you want a dedicated nv set up? I.E. not used used during daylight at all? If not consider one of the nitesite models. I have taken hundreds with my ns200 via a .17hmr, a tikka .223 and a tikka 6.5.......interchangeable between any rifle/scope without the need to re-zero. Lots of haters out there but it works....simples

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    Soulboy what make is the gen 3? I have used a photon but not sure on them as not used any others. It would be a dedicated scope i would be after.

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    I have a tikka super varmint with a D760 mounted on top
    an awesome bit of foxing kit and Pvs spotter

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    I have an ATN mars gen3+.
    the photon and pulsar N750 never held zero for long,unreliable and that's the last thing you want after you've worked hard to get on a fox.

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    Drone Pro 10x - it's the best Digital available - job done 1650

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