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Thread: Best moderator fror a Ruger 10 22

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    Best moderator fror a Ruger 10 22

    I am buying a Ruger 10 22 and I want to get a sound moderator for it thatís as quiet as possible. Weight doesnít bother me

    A: what thread does a Ruger 10/22 have?

    B: which moderator is the best



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    The Sak is most probably best but the actions are so noisy on them they will never be quiet.

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    As above if you want as quiet as possible get a bolt action

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    1/2" UNF all much of a muchness it's weather you prefer a ting to ping noise really, sirrocco or SAK if it was my money but I do have a DM80 and a wildcat something overbarrel jobs their good but not worth paying the extra for IMHO I got them free.

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    As above. I have a 10-22 but use a banana mag as I get sick of cleaning the rotary mags which get stuffed up and jam. I also have a Ruger 77-22 B/A which is much, much quieter but same problems with the mag. I just use a cheap Parker Hale on them both but I do now have a Sirocco from Edgars which is cheap and very good. It is also proofed for the .17HMR as well.

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    I'd see if you can get a sako sound mod preferably attached to a cz452 that way you can ditch the semi!

    Sako's are slightly longer, thinner but IMO marginally quieter, as someone else said though anything you gain in noise reduction with a mod will be lost on all that metal clattering about!


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    Have to say the SAK work well on my 10/22.


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    I ended up with a Sirrocco SM2 on my Finnfire having done a 'giant' test with various brands of ammo and various makes of mod.... good old Parker Hale that was on the 10/22 Target that went before the F'fire, SAK, Custom, Ase Utra from the .17HMR.

    The SM2 and Eley subs gave me the best groups.... and was the quietest but as mentioned above, it's the action that makes the most noise. I did try one of the synthetic cross pins but it never gave reliable recycling.


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    I use a sak on mine and works great. Remember to change the buffer pin also this helps with the action noise and only a few quid

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