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Thread: Fox, munty and roe rifle

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    Fox, munty and roe rifle

    Hi im looking for a rifle mainly for fox munty and roe. Spoke to a few shops and each shop says buy this! Basicaly they want to sell me what they have in stock. It will have to be 243 as its what i have on my ticket.

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    .243 is a good choice for what you want as to what make to buy is often down to personel choice do your research and decide what you want within the budget you are prepared to spend remember if buying new you will need to budget for the additional cost of scope rings and bases,scope and moderator which generaly is liable to double the ticket price of the basic rifle there are a lot of good makes out there and any good shop should be more than willing to order in what u want if they dont have it in stock

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    What he said but you can always one for one that .243 if you fancy summat else. Especially if you reload.
    If not, go .243. It's a good round for the stuff you want to go after.

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