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Thread: Are howas good or bad?

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    Are howas good or bad?

    I have a 223 howa sporter and cant fault it but reading some posts im now not sure about them. Im now looking for a .243 and was going to go down the build it howa route. Help now needed to choose a 243!

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    howa is a good rifle. i have 2 of them , cant fault them . and they have a good trigger fully adjustable. you wont be disappointed with a howa.

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    Don't bother building one!, Just buy one!!!!!!!, Howa's are really accurate out of the box, and that tosh about the triggers is just that! Had some bosti'n shots on fox with a .223 blued that came from Cadex on here, & a 7mm W.S.M. Howa that performed magically on Arran and at Diggle.
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    I would have jumped on the band-wagon about Howa trriggers a while back but the 2014 rifles are sporting an entirely different trigger. The rifles are tagged from the factory indicating a new trigger system. I handled a 308 at the Trading Post that had one of the best out-of-the -box triggers I have ever experienced. I wanted to buy it for the trigger alone!

    I have a few Howas. Excellent rifles.~Muir

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    I think they are far better rifles than the price suggests.

    The construction from machined forgings, solid one piece bolt and handle, flat bottomed receiver with integral recoil lug, no use of polymers or coatings, etc. Is superior to anything else in this class.

    The barrels are good, there have been at least ten owned by members of my target club and we are all quite satisfied with the performance. They are used side by side with some very fancy kit and do well.

    The design is derived from Sako design. I understand that Howa used to manufacture as a subcontractor for Sako, subsequently used that experience to design their own.

    It is a solid design, a bit heavier than some others, and perhaps not as modern looking. I see no signs of value engineering or cost cutting manufacturing processes and materials.

    A number of other brands are more or less rebadged Howas. I've even heard that the Nosler Custom has a strikingly similar design details.

    The Highland Outdoors "dream it build it" offer is exceptional, choose the exact combination of components to suit your needs, starting with the bare barrelled action.

    Pay no attention to some of the criticism, which I suspect comes from ignorance of sound engineering, or simple snobbery.

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    We have screw cut nearly 2000 rifles for Highland Outdoors this year. Great rifles and we also handle any warranty repairs for Highland outdoors as well. The percentage of returns is tiny for the volume being sold. They are I believe the best value in the british market place at the moment. Yours respectfully Mike Norris ,Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    I've owned a few , including an old Smith & Wesson labeled Howa in 338 WM . They are good solid rifles , all of the ones I had were accurate and reliable . I'd buy another with no hesitation .


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    Chuck Hawks rates the Howa as one of "the finest bolt actions ever produced".

    In a comparison of "economy" rifles he rates the Weatherby Vanguard (rebadged Howa) as "the clear winner in terms of quality and long term value. It is the only barreled action worth upgrading."

    The Tikka T3 and Browning A Bolt being close runners up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    I have a 223 howa sporter and cant fault it but reading some posts im now not sure about them. Im now looking for a .243 and was going to go down the build it howa route. Help now needed to choose a 243!
    Howa 1500 stainless steel sporter in .243W : Very accurate, cheap as chips and virtually maintenance free. Spent the money you save on good optics instead!
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Just recently got a howa 204 and i love it solid rugged and reliable, i got the laminate stock version and at 100 yards it just single holes with home loads only thing i done was swap out the trigger for a 12o rifle basix and i now love it even more

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