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Thread: Anyone in the Haulage Game, wanted Trailer Curtain Sided material

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    Anyone in the Haulage Game, wanted Trailer Curtain Sided material

    I am trying to source some material that is used on Curtain Sided Road Trailers, used would be fine
    I wondered if anyone had any they have removed from a trailer
    Its a little project i have planned

    Thank You In advance
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    Just get yourself down to your nearest reasonably sized haulier, go see the fitter/s, there will be a few rolled up sheets back of the garage/s.
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    Cheshire curtain side repairs they are based in Crewe run by the guy who runs Newsom Transport

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    I have a couple of the large signs that you see on the billboards that roll around the board they a like a really heavy duty plastic sheets but you may end up with a nice picture on one side

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