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Thread: Brno .22 hornet and scope

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    Brno .22 hornet and scope

    FOR SALE A 1974 BRNO 465 .22 HORNET and simmons white tail scope (phillipines) ,he rifle has seen a bit of use all in my hands but still shoots well 3/4" at 100 yards with home loads ,NO BIPOD IS INCLUDED !!!! but included is a set of lee dies plus a lee crimp die,aprox 200 rws cases and aprox 100 win and rem mixed ,i would prefer to deal face to face and if so i will also include a few small pistol primers and a part used tub of lill gun, looking for 300 ono

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    If i had a space i would have it. 22 hornet are a cracking round.

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    yup absolutely cracking round, but just not up to what i need now ,i have owned this gun twice in my shooting career and its been faultless all the while! but due to health problems i need to change my style of shooting and ive just done a deal on a .223 to give me the range i now need !

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    We could of done a swap! Poss looking to sell a .223

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    we could of done a swap! Poss looking to sell a .223
    story of my life !!!!

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