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Thread: 204 and 22 for sale

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    204 and 22 for sale

    Remington light varmint 22" fluted barrel syn/st
    approx 250 rounds from new
    good condition
    clean barrel
    only factory ammo been through it

    Ruger 10/22 semi auto syn/st
    Parker hale mod
    Approx 1000 rounds from new
    fair condition
    clean barrel
    plenty of life left in it
    good solid little vermin gun

    Both guns come with what ever ammo I have Left included in price

    Near Bath

    Pm if interested


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    can i have a picture of the remmy please
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    Pretty bog standard
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20140914_190757.jpg  

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    is there a mod with it?

    or what thread size?
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    a bargain for someone the 204 is.

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    im trying to buy it
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    im trying to buy it

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    She's as she stands in the pic spud, this model doesn't have a floor plate or mag just in case you didn't know.
    No mod I'm afraid, thread size is 1/2 20 unf

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    cheers ill get back to you tomoz
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