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    Blaser Dealers

    Hi Guys,

    Any idea who the main blaser dealer is in the uk? I have an r93 black and was thinking of buying a synthetic stock for it or possibly the thicker wooden foreend so i can attach a bipod - i was just going to put a stud in the standard wooden forend but it seems a bit thing and flimsy and dont know if it would stand up to it?

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    Blaser Sporting Ltd. Main UK Distributor there mate

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    Ring Gregor at macleods Tain no problem with std wood stock and bipod stud he as them stock

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    I got these details off Rupert Haynes when he was a Blaser dealer

    Q: Do you know which is the correct Harris bipod stud to fit the wooden forend of the R8 and how far along to fit it.

    A: Either a harris wood screw, or a #2A. Either would need to be fitted to 1cm in front of the fore-end screw (the one that holds the fore-end on the gun)

    I fitted the stud as detailed, no problems with the wood splitting. However, since practicing using supports other than a bipod eg X sticks I have unscrewed the stud as it gets in the way of sliding the gun forwards.

    atb Tim

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