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Thread: Dog with Squits

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    Dog with Squits

    My Labrador x English Springer has had the squits for the last four days.
    After the first day I made a point of getting some rice and corn flour added to my wife's shopping list.
    I fed her the rice for the second and third day with a smidgen of corn flour which has helped in the past but this time it seemed to have no effect.
    Last night it was particularly bad and as it is a 'House' dog you can imagine how bad it was, so I decided to take it to my local Vetinary.
    After running her hands over her, taking it's temperature and listening to it's heart beat she said that there didn't seem to be anything wrong in that respect so it must be a stomach problem !
    Then came the important question, did we have her insured ! to which the reply was yes.
    The vet decided to give her an anti-biotic injection and gave me two days worth of anti-biotic tablets to follow up with and sold me two tins of 'special' dog meat/food which I was told to give her small portions of as from tomorrow to help settle her stomach and a further 'squirty gun' to give her a 5ml dose of the contents twice a day.
    I was told to keep her rested and to bring her back after two days, another instalment perhaps !
    I did think about getting some of the tablets we get for the treatment of Dheli belly when going abroad, Imodium ! I think, but decided that as it was my wife's pet that I'd better take her to the the Vet just in case.
    The bill so far is 148. 91.
    I'm thinking of taking the piggy bank off the top shelf in the kitchen, ready for my next visit as ,regardless of the insurance, I have to pay the Vet and claim the money back, oh and of course there is the small print in the insurance document relating to the 100.00 Excess !
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    Starve the dog for a day then feed it small portions of rice and scrambled egg made with water not milk until the dog firms up.... A tip someone gave me and it seems to work with any of my four dogs if they get the squits..
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    Just had one f ours with the squits, 2 days starving and by the end of the second she was solid, followed by rice for 2 days and she is back to normal. If it hadn;t worked a further 1 day starving and rice would have ensued. It was really bad this time with quite a bit of blood in it but it did clear it. I would have taken her to the vets if she had been dehydrated or out s sorts, but not needed.

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    We starve ours and then rice or chicken, something bland. But then some live yoghurt to reconstitute the gut lining
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    It is the dehydration I would be worried about. They can go a few days without food which I would not worry about. Check there is no blood in her motion as this is usually first signs of parvo

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    The cells in the gut derive their nutrition locally from the feed in the gut. Starving the dog may appear to stop the diarrhoea by emptying the gut, but it makes it much more likely the barriers in the gut break down and infection can make its way into the blood stream and make the dog very ill. It also delays the healing process in the damaged gut. It is of VITAL importance you continue feeding small regular amounts of easily digestible food (such as that your vet sold you, but you can make your own cooking chicken/pasta/rice/white fish).

    If you are looking for simple symptomatic relief kaolin suspension will help to firm up the faeces and has a 'soothing' effect on the gut. It's very cheap.

    Don't give a dog Immodium. Some dogs can have quite nasty reactions to such drugs - I've personally seen one dog made very poorly.

    Unresolved diarrhoea can be a sign of more serious conditions and if not resolving will need a more thorough work up. Some infections can cause the problem, but sometimes even much more serious things such as lymphoma (a type of cancer).

    Just stop starving dogs - it's 2014. Makes sure plenty of free access to water.

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    As others have said above.
    when my dog has this issue I normally do three things:

    1) Make sure your dog is properly hydrated, even more important if symptoms lasting for a couple of days or more.
    2) First attempt is to come off regular dog food/biscuit and onto chicken and rice to bind....ensure the dog eats something, even if small amounts.
    3) If no joy with the above, I use a purpose item called Pro-Kolin which is a paste in large oral injection method and works wonders (on my dog).....I normally do this day one after chicken/rice blend if little improvement.

    As as someone else mentioned, if continues on for a period of time could indicate something more serious....make sure the dog is hydrated.

    Best of luck.....keep us updated.

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    Apache, Interested that you say don't give the dog immodium. A while back on taking a dog with very loose stools to the vet guess what he gave me. Along with anti-biotics, immodium. Not often, but I have certainly used it since with no ill effects and it works. Is this a case of DON'T USE IT or is it like with most medicines it can have adverse effects on some dogs.

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    Some dogs can have very severe toxic reactions to it and die. It is linked to a specific gene mutation common in collie dogs. It's the same gene mutation that makes them intolerant to ivermectin.

    If it's not a collie type then the risk is lower, but not one I would chose to take as a first line treatment. It can affect ANY dog. In my opinion it's just not worth the risk when lots of other safe an innocuous treatments work very well (good old Kaolin mixture).

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