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Thread: Quad bike wanted.

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    Quad bike wanted.

    I need a quad bike, probably a Honda. Now, I have no experience in these matters so I am looking for guidance from the many experts on this fine forum.
    Tell me what you have got for sale or where I should be looking and please dont make too much of a fool of me!
    I live in Perth but obviously will travel. A trailer will be required also.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Can i just ask what your budget is? itll help with where to point you.


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    Well being mean I thought a couple of grand might buy me one that's not too much of a scrapper and just a load of problems. I am happy to be advised though.

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    I know where there is a Yamaha for sale for 2grand, in Norfolk though, but I know for a fact it's in very good condition. Pm me if this is of interest to you with some questions or I can get the man to give you a shout. But please no messing around this man has just split up with the missus and he has got to buy her out of the house. so is more or less selling everything to raise the funds.

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    i halve honda 420 quad with trailor 2009 2000 miles 970 hours new front tyres plastics complete good condition

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    should have said 2500 pounds

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    Highly recommended the honda 420 I have one and it's a awesome machine loads of power.

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