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    Hi All,
    Back in the summer my sister rang me up and asked me to look at a car that was for sale in the local paper and if it looked ok buy it for her as she was away on holiday. The car was an 03 L200 with a nice colour coded back on it and 70,000 on the clock. it had an oil leak and i got the guy down to 4300 so i bought it.
    My sisters husband has just asked me if i want to buy it off them for 4000. 4 new tyres, new MOT, now done about 76,000 and oil leak has been fixed and cambelt changed.
    I've been toying with the idea of buying a pick up for ferrying the dog around and my missus loves this one (although i prefer the look of the Navara)
    He said he'll keep it for a while if i'm interested and to be hohnest i thought at that money if i didn't like it i could always get my money back.
    I don't want this to turn into a horror story about L200's but was wondering what you all thought of the price? they seem to vary so much on Autotrader at the moment.


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    My only thought on the downside of these is the turning circle, If I could do a crossbreed on a Landrover 110 Hi Cap, & a L200 I would be very happy!
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    Ezzy go for the Nissan

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    my '05 l200 blew 2 engines between 67k and 112k miles. Cam belt changed twice. It was written off the second time but I still got 3k part ex even though it needed an engine. It was a warrior though
    (Navara has exactly the same reputation as the l200 round here, go toyota)

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    Not as pretty or sought after

    But youd get a much lower mileage and newer Ford Ranger for your pennies..

    And a lot less problems..
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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1 View Post
    Not as pretty or sought after

    But youd get a much lower mileage and newer Ford Ranger for your pennies..

    And a lot less problems..
    Funny you should say that!

    Today I asked my local independent mechanic/servicing bod (who services our small fleet and is never short of business) what his preference for a workmanlike 4x4 would be. Now bearing in mind we are a rural area with all types and models of 4x4 passing through his hands.

    He has just ordered a Ranger for his own use. It's not the most glamorous or sought after vehicle on the road but apparently does exactly what it's meant to do with no fuss and high reliability.

    Asked about some of the other candidates out there he commented;

    Isuzu get you with the price of the spares.

    Nissan (some models) turbos expire just after the warranty does.

    Mitsubishi overall not bad but better get the extended warranty just in case.

    His comments not mine, but as I notice that our local Council and the county Highways Department operate Rangers maybe they are worth having a look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Isuzu get you with the price of the spares.
    Orion/Terry - Funny you should mention that. Who runs an Isuzu and has first-hand knowledge of spares prices ? Mmmm.

    That would be me, then.
    KevinF -

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    I know three FC rangers and they all have variations of the Ranger (by that l mean spec's). But i heard that the best 4x4 mechanics are in the SWB Mitzy L200. To steer clear of the Nissans and to forget a LR!

    I drive a Freelander TD4 - i've put big tyres on it and it goes through anything my mates L200 does! Its done 77K and runs like a dream (touching wood inbetween write these words!) But when it gets changed it'll either be a Ranger or a Toyota LWB.


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    Ford rangers are fine but they dont like hardwork graft them and they eat gearbox's and rear axel's
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    Avoid Nissan Navaras since Renault took over a few years ago they have destroyed nissan model's with their inferior parts and lack of quality control on assembly lines.

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