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Thread: Gloves....Sealskinz or Macwet?

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    Gloves....Sealskinz or Macwet?

    As above, needing a new pair of gloves and looking at Sealskinz shooting gloves or Macwet Climatec.
    Does anyone have an opinion on either or recommend some that I don't know about?

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    The MacWets are a really good glove, however they are never going to be anywhere near as warm as the Sealskinz, which they are probably a better bet for you.

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    The sealskinz are top notch m8

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    +1 for Sealskinz, really comfy and super warm, perfect for stalking

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    The sealskinz are top notch m8

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    have the sealskins have had a lot off use and not fell apart like my harkila

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    Macwets didn't last long and not great grip when wet. Good for summer cover for the hands but no warmth at all.

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    i use Macwets but they are very thin so not very warm, however they dry out very quickly, you can feel everything your doing in them !

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    I've posted this previously - but MacWets with a fleece over glove. Excellent warmth, quick drying, good grip and feel. Best compromise I have found and works in the coldest temps.
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    Clearly I'm the only person who freezes when wearing my sealskins! I hate them although I can't fault their build quality etc, I just get very cold hands in winter when wearing them
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    I wear MacWets with a loose leather glove over the top. Lots of warmth and still plenty of feel when you slip the outers off.


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