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Thread: Iphone 5.

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    Iphone 5.

    Looking for a mint iphone 5 or 4. Unlocked or Virgin network.

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    Ive upgraded to the 5s and have the 5 available. Currently on vodafone but I think it can be unlocked just by giving them a call (I'll check)
    It has some small scratches around the edge where its been put in and taken out of a cover and one faint scratch on the glass in the bottom rhs corner and the lower volume key doesnt work.
    Comes in the 5s box with original unused earphones, charger etc.

    No idea what its worth though.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I think it's probably worth about 20 but I could give you 30

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    I might be interested if Reddot is not! As I'm after a 5 on Vodafone.

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    I have a 4 here which will be not needed friday onwards as i have a 6+ arriving
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    Are they even out yet?

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    Will be friday
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    I have a white 5 64gb for sale. i will be getting my new phone on friday so it can be sent out that day. as above my phone has a few scratches round the edges due to the cover it has.

    vodaphone are giving me 150 as a trade in

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    mine now reserved

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    I have got a brand new iPhone 5 replacement (never been used)one from apple warranty, in white 64g on 02 but could get it unlocked.
    looking for 350 inc post.
    cheers Ash

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