Due to a late cancellation I have a unique opportunity available in Argyll on Loch Awe.

This Sat. 20th September.

Price is 750 with 250 immediate booking deposit (non refundable) paid before evening Tuesday 16th (tomorrow) or I will need to firmly cancel the day unfortunately.

This includes:

a. full day on 10,000 acres hill in Argyll with myself as guide (we will meet Saturday morning in Tyndrum or Inveraray).
b. 1 Stag of your choice, irrespective of size. I am hoping to remove a couple of master stags this year, so this is an opportunity to take the 'lead' in the stalk, pick your beast, shoot and gralloch
c. Preparation of trophy and arrangements to pick up/ship if needed (boiled and bleached on wooden shield)
d. If I am confident in your stalking skills in the morning, you will have the opportunity to stalk alone in the afternoon. This might offer you that vital learning curve from guided hill stalking, to confidence and experience stalking alone.
e. A 2nd stag can be purchased at 350 in addition.
f. I will not charge you for a miss, but will charge full rate for wounded beasts.
g. If there is no opportunity to shoot deer, in addition to the 250 booking fee, there is a 150 stalking fee at the end of the day. Therefore, if no opportunity arises, max total cost is 400 for the day.
h. the estate keeps any venison

An offer that might just suit the right person looking for this type of experience. Argo is available of course. Please note this is a reasonable 'down to earth' day, no fancy horses or tweed clad ghillies with draw scopes..but an excellent opportunity to learn a lot, start taking the lead, and pick a real trophy (3-5 12 pointers shot every season, so every chance of a real good stag).

PM with enquiries please.