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Thread: Pigeon decoy stuff.

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    Pigeon decoy stuff.

    As I continue the great purge. I think this is the last of the stuff.
    i acquired this lot when a shop shut down. Most of it looks brand new and was lying up in the stores. 1 of the rotaries looks like it was used once.
    i have never used it. Did think I would, but to be honest I am crap at knocking on doors and " hello mister, can I come and shoot some pigeons on her land."

    It is 2 rotaries and 2 motors (not tested) and some spares plus 2 peckers, ( they do work, I tried them on a battery) and all the other various bits in the photos.
    This is for collection only, I am not messing around with postage.
    Call it 80 all in. Looking at the prices on A1 Decoy I think that is a good price. You can come and check to see that everything works because I know nothing about it.
    i am 9 miles north of andover.

    imagejpg9_zps18aec5a9.jpg Photo by Gloop2 | Photobucket


    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Give u 40 for the peckers +p&p

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    I'll take these please, if someone hasn't beaten me to it.


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    Bargain for somebody shame your not in Yorkshire !

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