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Thread: What's your strangest McNab?

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    What's your strangest McNab?

    What's your strangest McNab?
    So far I've had 3.
    Goose, Fox and Tope.
    Sea trout, Mallard and rabbit.
    Or the most disappointing to tell people but still managed it was pigeon, whiting and squirrel.

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    I've done a rabbit, pheasant and trout once. It wasn't something that I set out to achieve, it just happened like that on the day. A poor man's McNab? All species affected that day were eaten.

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    Shot a sand grouse, saw a lion and caught a Broad-billed Swordfish

    I also shot a Vulturine Guineafowl the same day.

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    Several times over the years I have done the famous..Pigeon, rabbit, Mackerel, However this year due to packing the wrong kit, I had to endure the comedy classic, also known as the Mc Waddle....Pigeon, Rabbit, Mullet.....but the weirdest was a Hare, Partridge, Octopus...although it was on foreign shores.
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    I managed pheasant, roe and trout in the same afternoon and all within 50 meters of each other

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    The McRingroad: roe, rabbit and fox, all inside the Edinburgh bypass.

    As a kid, did catfish, guineafowl and springhare a few times.

    My dad claimed to have done Nile perch, crocodile and gazelle. I'm not sure I believe him...
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    A Roe doe, a dog Fox and a Mouse.
    Out on a large rough area I shot a Roe doe and before I got to it a dog Fox was there so I dropped it too.
    When I went to my aviaries at home to feed my birds a Mouse was gobbling seed on the floor so I got my Walther target air-pistol and shot the Mouse.


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    1. Brown trout of 3.5lb's from the River Cray care of trotted bread crust struck circa 80 yards down stream.

    2. Wild duck care of Milbro catapult and green-eyed marble.

    3. Domestic goat care of a saluki cross lurcher.

    There was a 4th but discretion and awareness of the SD sensibility suggests I spare you.

    Roll on the 19th!


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    A good long time ago, roe doe, mackerel and blackback. I had a good right and left once - a partridge and a snipe.

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    Roe, sea trout, goose......and several others the same day when I was keener.

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