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Thread: Varget alternatives

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    Varget alternatives

    As everyone know, Varget is not gonna be available for a fair old while.
    When I reload that was my number 2 choice as I need something bulky.

    From a bit of googling I've found that 50BMG is the same powder but even bulkier so that may be an option. Also that Reloader 15 may work well.

    I'm getting quickload to point me in the right direction so I can have a play but anyone one got any suggestions in the meantime?

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    I wouldn't describe Varget as exactly bulky. Are you looking for a powder similar to Varget or a very "bulky" powder Jim?
    What cartridge are you reloading?
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Jim
    If its for a 308 i've be getting good results with R17 in heavier bullets.

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    N140 and TR-140 are the usual substitutes

    I personally can't get Reloader any more than I can get Hodgson
    VV seems to be plentiful or at least if your RFD is telling you it is not there are several hundred kilos sitting in Leeds!

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    I'd be interested to see where they say 50BMG is the same powder as Varget. Varget is a relatively fast-medium powder as befits its range of calibres. 50BMG will be a mega slow burn magnum powder for massive projectiles in a huge case.

    I'd be looking at RL15, Viht 135 or 140 or Hog/IMR 4895 or similar or even perhaps Hog BLC2


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    Slightly off topic but cannot believe my luck, just bought the last 5 tubs from a local shop at a very reasonable price, so will not need to work up new loads.
    If I was I would be looking at the VV powders N120, N130 & N133 for my .223

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    . . . and IMR 3031 works well (currently used for a 150gr Sierra PH load).

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    i use H4895 in the .308 but as thats going the same way i will be adding this cal to the list of n140, iv had good results with it but need to play more to get the same poi as the h4895 and ftps if all go's well then i won't need to try and find yank powders anymore.

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    That link is very helpful. I've seen varget described as bulky. I may be wrong though, new to this powder selection lark.
    Its for a 45-120 which, being designed for blackpowder, has a cavernous case!
    There is load data for smokeless out there and in manuals so I'm not lost but I wanted to work up my own loads to better utilise the case whilst still keeping lowish pressures.

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