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Thread: Abundant hedgerow fruit and berries

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    Abundant hedgerow fruit and berries

    Well it does appear that we are reaping the fruits of our lovely spring and summer. Last week I picked in 15 mins 1.5kg of big ripe sloes, the Hawthorns are over ladden with berries and I never seen blackberries like it. Just a super abundance of most things except acorns which are in my area very scarce. Beech mast seems good so it will be an intresting year on the pigeon, I expect they will be on rape very early this autumn/winter.

    Despite the dry and warm it feels very autumnal down in the South West and I see most of the swallows and house martins have gone I have seen numerous little bunches flighting southward. Our maize might be off before the end of september so it will be intresting to see what that reveals.


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    Same over here mate but I always thought the sloes were best after the 1st frost? Or is that something else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Same over here mate but I always thought the sloes were best after the 1st frost? Or is that something else?
    Yeh correct, sloes are best after first frost, but some do pick them early but tend to put them in the freezer for a little while.

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    A week ago some hedgerows that looked promising for sloes were cut back by the farm contractor after the wheat had been harvested. Just returned back from walking my dog along another local hedgerow which did hold a good crop of sloes, only to see over the last two days the sloes have all been picked.

    Good job I have some sloes on one of my permissions which is well off the beaten track.

    I always wait for the first frost before picking sloes.

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    Got everything here except the sloes again, not had a decent crop of sloe for the past 2 years now. I'm going to have to look further afield as my sloe gin is down to the last bottle

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    Every type of fruit tree seems to be loaded this year. The other noticeable thing is that whereas in most years a typical blackberry patch has berries in all stages from fully ripe to green, this year they all seem to be mostly ripe at the same time. Our swallows and martins are still around but the swifts have gone and there didn't seem to be that many this year.

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    Yes normally sloes dont rippen till later on hence the frost comment they dont need frosting to pick per say. I was reading an article in the press a couple of weeks ago and the author some chap who runs forraging courses for townies remarked that the sloes were very early this year. Normally they are bullet hard and bitter, the ones I picked were firm and big like small grapes and almost sweet.

    Anyway 1.5kg went to a friend in Devon for her Sloe Gin.


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