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Thread: Remington 700 "ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE" when the safety in switched off !!!

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    Remington 700 "ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE" when the safety in switched off !!!

    I was out with a young keeper last night when this happened.!!!!!!
    Fortunatly no body was hurt.
    Its the heavy barrel model i think is called Varmit
    He took the rifle back to the gunshop for the third time with the same problem !
    Has any one had the same problem, or know of the possible reason
    We were about 750feet above sea level and it was Fairly cold
    He shot some crows the same day while the sun was out, with no accidental discharge?

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    Got a 'good' trigger has it?

    Sounds like insufficient sear engagement - often the result of someone trying to adjust the factory offering for a better let-off.

    Need more info before being able to work out the reasons.



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    I have a good friend that has a rem model 7 in 7mm/08 & he had a problem in as much as that the rifle would discharge by just moving the safty from safe to fire mode-(this is not a good quality in a rifle I feel).

    He did cure it by just dropping in a replacment trigger & safty unit from a rem 700 & its now fine, ther are stacks of 700 std factory trigger & safty units kicking about if he just wants a bulk std job or upgrade to a Jewell.

    It does sound like the trigger/safty assembly is the prob, but whatever the reason he should stop using it until he has it sorted out.

    Regs Lee

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    I mate

    i have a 700 varmit no problem with it i have replace the trigger but i have had the same problem with my bsa the trigger
    was set to light when i brought it

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    Just ran a search on this one I own three 700s never had any issues but it seems to be a problem with some 700s a very serious one at that the following may be of intrest you are not alone!!

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    Could be the trigger pressure is set way to low,Ive seen two accidental discharges that have caused other people ther life .

    It is the police and the courts that must be satisfied there after ,accidental discharge just doesn't cut it when someone is dead .

    The problem should be check by a Gunsmith until it is rectified if it can't be sorted it should be destroyed ,so it cannot be sold to someone else

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    The problem should be check by a Gunsmith until it is rectified if it can't be sorted it should be destroyed ,so it cannot be sold to someone else
    I failed to mention the gun is about a year old, as i said it has been back to the gunshop twice before this is the third time.
    Not sure about your advice in scrapping it.

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    Was the weapon new ?? Or something that sat on a shelf for years the problem could be something as simple as old oil that has hardened over a sear not allowing it to catch properly .
    One of the people that was killed by the accidental discharge was a very good mate of mine that why i put it in hard facts .

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    Sadly you have found that the Remington 700 has a fault in the design of it's fire control system (tigger) Remington know about it and still produce this faulty unit despite it being responsible for several severe injuries and even deaths but it seems it's cheaper to pay a few $ in compensation rather than change the production.

    There was recall on some 700's I believe. The only sure fixes I know of is:-

    1) Get a different type of rifle

    2) Spend out on a proper trigger

    I doubt your gunshop can do much as let's face it not many of them acyually have a proper gunsmith all they can do really is send the rifle back to the Importers and hope they know what their doing and can fix it.

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    I have a remmy 700 varmint in .223. Never had anything of the sort happen. Hope it never does. I will say on reading the thread linked above the one that got me was the rifle that went off in a rack after having been bumped about in the back of a jeep: While it was loaded???

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