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Thread: New line SSS composite stocks

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    New line SSS composite stocks

    Hello all,

    On behalf of Danny Ryan at Stafford Synthetic Stocks i am advertising there new line up of composite stocks. They are made up of a choice of the finest materials ie fibreglass, carbon and kevlar with aramids both uni and bi-direction giving the stock rigidity. internally there is a carbon tow roll cage laminated, this acts as a torsion control system. The stocks are hermetically sealed, heat treated and have a purpose designed back fill from ultra light to heavy magnum to provide added weight where required. Available in a choice of finishes from duracoat and cerakote to ultra durable moulded in gel coats with your choice of colours.
    All stocks are bedded using devcon however 100% drop in chassis system will be available in the near future. These stocks are of the highest quality and are better quality of than big names. Designed and built by craftsmen that are passionate about shooting and there product, they really are superb stocks built to thrive in the most demanding conditions and the toughest hunts. All backed by a limited lifetime garentee.

    Spec 1) Carbon fibre/Fibreglass stocks = 350 (out the mould).

    Spec 2) Carbon fibre/Fibreglass/Kevlar stocks = 400 (out the mould).

    Inlet Fee = 100

    Moulded-in-gel-coats = 100 (any colour/style etc)

    Half inch Impactor recoil pads = 20

    One inch Impactor recoil pads = 30

    This is just a basic price list any questions please fire my way or contact Danny at SSS at or 01785259091 Many styles available sporter, tactical, thumbhole, benchrest and f class
    Also available to the trade
    More pics in due course
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    team GB
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    Very nice! Which inlets are catered for?

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    all stocks cab be inletted for any action

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    Left hand available ?

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    No dedicated left handers to date but there are 6 ambi models available let me know if your interested and I'll send more details


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    Is he making copies of the robertson rpa thumbhole stock? Whats price, weight and lead time please?

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    am I right in saying the Robertson thumbhole for rpa rifles if so yes they also have the elite, interceptor and highland sporter moulds. Weight is average of 1000-1200 grams depending on fixings however can be made as light as 650grams. Lead time is an average of 8-10 weeks at moment

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    we are at the midlands this saturday and taking along a few stocks so people can get hands on


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