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    Whats the point

    What is the point of humane catch alive rat and mouse traps? It appears just to move the problem to someone else. Perhaps that's where the ones I am conventionally trapping came from

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    Haha purely conscience savers.
    At Christmas, I'd bought the good lady a box of chocolates, and left them, bagged and covered on a corner of the garage floor. Come Christmas Eve, I went to wrap them, only to find the box corner chewed through, and thus the chocolates unusable (as a present anyway, the kids and I wolfed most of them). In my annoyed state, I set a normal trap, baited with the chocolate. Xmas morning I checked the trap and found the offender, a field mouse. Now these wee fellows only ever come into the garage when its hard cold out, and it was only eating what it found on the floor, my fault. So, I spent at least half an hour or so of Xmas morning with my conscience nagging at me.
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    The purpose is to allow you to play God. I'm currently suffering a rat plague and have so many air rifles dotted about the place I feel like a settler in some frontier log cabin.... Unfortunately I can't spend all my time scanning my arcs and while away from the windows a number of traps are operating 24/7. I've trapped and released a number of non-target species, both avian and mammal. I've also delivered the coup-de-grace to Mr & Mrs Rat plus kiddies. Nowt to do with conscience savers - they enable me to look down on some fluttering, writhing organism and dispassionately decide whether it lives or dies...

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    I see the non target spiecies as a good thing I had not considered at all, a very good point. My stone built shed just has mice who last year redesigned a load of my gear.

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