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Thread: Firearms dealers electronic records.

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    Firearms dealers electronic records.

    Does anyone on this site have any recommendations for a good, purpose made piece of software that will fulfil the new forthcoming requirements for dealers records?

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    An Excel spreadsheet or Access database will suffice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Homes View Post

    An Excel spreadsheet or Access database will suffice.

    +1. The data needs to be backed up as well on a regular basis and the backup media needs to be secured and tested from time to time. Another option would be to use Google docs.

    Regards JCS

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    I use a spreadsheet (have done for the last 9 years). I subscribe to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple - Stupid). 11 columns and 8 rows to the page (for printing), plus a header row. Easily searchable. I back it up on disc and usb stick (and I also keep a printed record in case the pc blows up). It fulfils my requirements and it will fulfil all the new requirements. My FLO is more than happy with it. No need for expensive software, in my opinion, unless your turnover is large.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Probably work with excel as suggested. Cheers

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    Just a point, if I may, as said backing up the data is vital, but so is protecting the data, i.e. not only protecting your PC from being hacked but also if you are copying data onto an external drive or memory device, you are legally obliged to keep it safe, in some cases you may have to register with the Information Commissioner's Office.

    There is loads of good info on the ICO web site here:

    And a self assessment form to see if you need to be registered here:


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    How long do you need to keep your data for and how big are your spread sheets?

    I think pairing a simple spread sheet with an encrypted hard drive should do the job.

    I can personally vouch for these Istorage Diskashur Dt Secure Hard Drive Usb 3.0 256-bit 1tb (external) - Ebuyer.

    If you backed up once a week and then kept the drive in your cabinet you would be uber secure! If anyone wants advice on drives/backup please drop me a PM.



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