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Thread: Eye's at Night

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    Eye's at Night

    I was out feeding some stock tonight and saw a fox in the lights.

    Was wondering what peoples views are on the differences in the colour of the reflection, with different specis.


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    all the one's i've seen have been orange & shine like head lights when in the lamp.

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    Orange,sometimes silvery blue but always very reflective.You can tell by the way they move as well.But you can only be sure when you see it through the scope.
    Rabbit's are pink and sheep are silver,not sure about cows.

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    What about horses, goats, Badgers, cats, dogs as well? They are not all the same colour. Fox eyes are not all the same colour either.

    Does a red filter effect the colour you see reflected back?

    As Marky said... Know your quarry and confirm thro the scope before you pull the trigger.

    Should someone who is colour blind shoot at night?

    lamping is great fun but needs respect.

    Be safe fellas

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    Quote Originally Posted by bairn79 View Post
    all the one's i've seen have been orange & shine like head lights when in the lamp.
    i was only talking about fox eye's.

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    I have seen red, orange, blue and white eyes back from foxes. I personally think that the age of a fox makes a difference and the orange/red ones seem to be the older animals around us. Sheep can have orange or blue from experience.

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    I must say the blue eyes on my sheep are the strangest. Find it very odd to sweep the lamp around and see lots of blue eyes looking at me. What about muntjac. I saw one the other night thought it was much like a fox, which was nearly bad news for it.

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