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Thread: Scotland after the referendum

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    Scotland after the referendum

    Hi Guys

    i Know its big news on all the channels at the minute, i might have missed a similar thread in previous months etc

    my questions are:-

    If Scotland votes Yes to independence on thursday whats going to happen to shooting in general are the new government going to make stricter gun laws and what about stalking in Scotland for all of us south of the border is there going to be problems taking firearms across whats going to be a new border with Britain

    If there is changes to gun law or border crossing in the future what about all the people who have either permission to shoot over land, estates and syndicates which they shoot on??

    also what about buying a firearm from an RFD in Scotland and having it shipped to England what happens there, is there more RED tape and is there then import duty, same goes to the Scots buying from English suppliers think about companies like Kranks, Edgar Brothers GMK and all the others.

    these might all sound trivial questions but as we all know from BASC's recent publications and TV appearances regarding shooting in the economy this is a multi million pound business along with the jobs involved.

    look forward to peoples views on this subject


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    They will not have signed up to the Schengen agreement so it must be they will have to have passport controls on every road rail and air route into bonnie wie skatland. Just like going into Croatia.

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    Whatever happens if the vote is 'Yes' - nothing will change immediately. There will be a few years of negotiations and timescale planning before actual independence.
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    Even if a yes vote, there will be two years before a general election, and really the changes in firearm legislation
    will depend on which party is in power.

    both the SNP and Labour and it's likely to be one of them that forms the first government want changes to firearm
    legislation,and land reform, the SNP for example want to have one certificate for all guns so in other words the same checks for everything rifles ,shotguns, airguns they want to change it to proving need rather than want
    for all guns, though they say sporting purposes would count , they would also like to raise the minimum age to 18
    for using any gun , there has been some talk about exemptions on the minimum age, for trainee keepers ,farmers
    or those employed in pest control, no idea how that would work.

    Remember the above is a wish list that's not to say it will happen or what sort of time scale if it does,
    Now while I don't agree with any of the above and it's not likely to achieve much, can't even see it limiting the amount of firearms in public hands that much which the SNP wish to achieve.

    Personally I think land reform is a bigger threat, and some of the land reform committee's ideas are scary
    but remember they are only an advisory group, it's up to the Scottish government who ever they might whether to implement their proposals or not,

    we already have community buy outs which have not been a great success in most areas , and who is going to want huge tracts of moorland? What can you do with it deer , grouse or sheep nothing to interest the community

    Taxing the owners of sporting property's I could be the biggest problem in restricting sport , the RSPB are already
    crying out for a tax on grouse shooting

    But the SNP are not the only ones looking at land reform., Labour have similar ideas.

    All I can say is when you look at how much revenue field sports bring to Scotland , it's highly unlikely that any political party will turn their back on that, a bit of tinkering and posturing to appease their left wing membership
    at the end of the day I am sure field sports will carry on.

    FAC as a government body would be easier to change so don't know how independence might effect securing leases, if at all.

    You mentioned borders, that's something that needs to be negotiated , and no one give you the answer at this time.

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    If its a yes vote the economy will dive bomb and so will land values, get some cheap stalking booked in! There you just lit the fuse..... Get the pop corn out!

    On a serious note, the SNP won't have even thouht about this (amongst other important things) so i think the status quo will be around for some time, wouldn't worry about it.

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