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Thread: Spotting scope. What have you got?

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    Spotting scope. What have you got?


    I am after a spotting scope.

    Open to suggestions on manufacturer, model, straight, angled or even draw scope.

    What may any of you have?

    Reply by PM if you can.


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    Stupid question number one: What are you going to use it for?

    And how often?
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    Unless you are using a scope stand on a bench those with angled eyepieces are a pain in the bottom! Majorly so! I use one of the Russian "TURIST" that get sold on eBay for around 20-35.

    It won't be exactly win prizes for its plastic carrying tube (if it comes with one) for bespoke good taste if on the hill but for checking group size and zeroing on a 100 yard range it does the job well enough.

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    I use a Kowa TSN2 with a 20-40 zoom eyepiece for range work. I also have a Schmidt and Bender 15-60 3 draw telescope for the hill.
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    got a zeiss photoscope 85 for sale?

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