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    Bank problems

    I have recently made a application to Nat West for a new business account in relation to my deerstalking business having had an account with them for 40 years. I went to the interview and was told that the application would be processed but have now received a two line terse letter refusing the application.
    I contacted my account manager who refused to tell me officially why the application was refused but then stated that Nat West looked upon any form of hunting or firearms business with the same level of contempt as Porn as it wasn't good for their corporate image.
    I then made my feelings known as far as banking ethics including their involvement in overseas exploitation and their hand in glove relationship with big business but of course the person who I spoke to has no say in the decisions made by the bank. I have spoken to BASC regarding this matter and they are apparently well aware of this happening and have had trouble with their own accounts.
    This is obviously the thin end of the wedge with faceless anti's now dictating national policy with regards to the management of business in the country based on their own prejudices.
    At this stage I am waiting for a written explanation from Nat West but have been told not to hold my breath as they will not be willing to commit their reasons to print.

    Regards Terry

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    Agree - totally useless behaviour. If you can still stomach them then reapply and call it 'Wildlife protection and management' involving wildlife population monitoring, auditing and research, planned habitat protection, native species feedstock preservation, humane dispatch of injured RTAs and promotion of ecology balance in protected woodland and open hill areas. Their KYC (Know Your Client) obligations mean they have to ask and tick the boxes and everyone carries on without a single untruth having passed between you.

    AND you could start a sideline in porn - might as well be (well) hung for a sheep as a lamb.

    Or tell them to shove it and find a proper bank.

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    Letter to CEO and board might be the way foreward.


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    halifax were the same for household ins they are now ok with firearms ins so they say as reported on field sports channel . shower of shat the faceless t******** contact your MP they hate that lol.

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    NatWest are a joke when it comes to business accounts, we shifted over to Barclays and have never looked back. Very very helpful and it also adds weight to any personal applications as they look at your business account as an extension of you!

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    This is expected in this day and age, I would reapply under another guise, as has been suggested it is what they themselves do with all there backhand business connections and i expect if you had an advisor like them , that is what would be recommended..the problem with shifting banks is they will check on why you left the could also result in being classed as a new customer and therefore lower your credit score thus handicapping your ability to borrow, whichever way you look at it they are only interested in their own wellbeing.. best of luck

    Allegedly The National Provincial bank & The Westminster bank ( both very old and traceable back through a lineage of prestigious constituents to the 1680's) in the 60's unknown to most city dealers and the market in a secret merger to hide some issues within the District bank they had also taken over then changed their logo to a more distinct and recognisable one we have today as a masonic reference to the circulation of money between 3 individuals, at the centre of this merger/unscrupulous deal, they then built the Nat west tower whose footprint is the same outline as the logo! and then immediately started dodgy dealings in Africa and elsewhere, currently being linked to yet another Nigerian money laundering scandal that the FSA found them guilty of in between 1999 -2005, we are talking billions of illegal traded funds, they were not the only ones of course..however they are back doing it again....this is the tip of the iceberg. The trouble is who do you trust with you cash? and when, as most of us are, banking for years with the same lot, changing is much more stressful and may even be detrimental to our credit than we know..

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    Ask them for a copy of their complaints process and forms, quote TCF (Treating Clients Fairly) in your communication and that you will be contacting the Banking Ombudsman

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    Thanks for the input, I spoke to them re the possible bad credit rating and will await their reply as also with the BASC, I could lie re the account but why should I its not as though I'm a Banker or Politician.
    What I will do is change my account status from private banking to a normal account saving myself bank charges and transfer my payments to another bank where I have another account and keep you informed of the outcome.

    Regards Terry

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