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Thread: loss of a true countryman

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    loss of a true countryman

    still reeling from the news that a good friend of mine was killed in a car crash on his way home today.Lachlan mckellar although he didnt shoot himself was one of a true family of highland countrymen and some of the guys on the site have possibly stalked with one his brothers who have long been stalking on highland estates including black corries,auch and urraid.although a true wind up merchant who had many a laugh at others expense if lachlan told me there was a fox working a bit of hill on the ground where he was shepherd/stockman near oban,invariably if i went out that night i would see the fox and i will miss his company sitting out on the hill at lambing time waiting for the fox that was taking one of the twin lambs every night that others would not have realised were going missing but he knew every beast on the ground and which one should have twins but suddenly didnt.all my condolencenses to his wife and four youngsters left behind.gone too soon pal

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    Bloody hell. Lachlan phoned me on his way home yesterday. Heard news road closed. Bloody hell. His poor family.


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    He worked with me in Oban. Last time I met him he was working Auch Estates. Great lad, sympathies to his family. Jim

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    What terrible news for his family and his friends. The Admin team send our sincere condolences to all his family and his friends.


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    Terrible news, a blast from the past, I hadn't seen him for years, best wishes to his familly.

    Such a waste

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